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When I noticed my daughter was starting to show the signs of puberty I knew her first period was only around the corner.

 I wanted to do something special for this new little chapter in her life. That’s when i came up with the idea of a gift box with all the essentials in...Aunt Flo was created! With the help of my daughter we put together our boxes. We tried out different products to make the boxes as teen friendly as we could. 

I know some parents find the topic awkward/ embarrassing to discuss so I hope this box helps take that away. 

The boxes also try and give a simple yet positive outlook. This is a natural thing that they are going through, it means their bodies are working as they should be. 

Be brave, be prepared and keep shining 

Love Aunt Flo x



A percentage of profit will be donated towards to actionaiduk each month to help end period poverty. 

Period Poverty affects women and girls all over the world. They don’t have access to safe, hygienic sanitary products and are unable to manage their periods in dignity. 

* One in 10 girls in Africa miss school because they don’t have access to sanitary products or because there aren’t safe, private toilets to use at school. 

*In Kenya alone approximately 50% of school age girls do not have access to sanitary products. 

*In India approximately 12% of its 355 million menstruating women can not afford sanitary products. 

Action aid trains women and girls to make safe reusable sanitary pads, they have girls clubs in safe spaces at schools where they provide information about periods and pregnancy - making sure they are educated about their bodies. 

During humanitarian emergencies they provide hygiene kits containing sanitary towels, soap and clean underwear to help manage their periods safely. 

By Aunt Flo donating this will help towards ending all this.  


Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

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