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About Sanitary Towels and Tampons

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Most girls when they first start their period will feel more comfortable and happier using sanitary towels instead of tampons. Sanitary towels are are easy to fit into knickers and they come in all different sizes and thicknesses. These will vary depending on your age and the flow of your period.

A lot of towels these days are sticky on the back so they hold in place inside your knickers.

some towels come with wings on the sides, these fold over the sides of your knickers and stick underneath. This will help hold the towel in place.

It is best to change your towel every few hours. This is so they don’t leak and to also stop bacteria building up. They can also get a Little smelly.

Always be prepared by taking your “mini kit” with you in your bag. pops a spare pair of knickers IN there as well this way you will be prepared for any leaks.

Another option instead of sanitary towels are tampons. These can’t be seen through your clothes and you can also wear them when swimming. Tampons come in all different sizes. The Size you need will depend on the flow of you period.

when changing your tampon follow the instructions carefully that come in your box.

you can get tampons that come with applicators. This is designed to help you insert it into your vagina. With a non applicator tampon you use your finger to insert these. Some people find these easier to use. My top tip is to relax and use a tampon when your period is at its heaviest, this will make it easier to insert.

It is important to change your tampon every 4 hours or earlier if needed. If you leave a tampon in for a long period time a bacterial infection may be caused. Wash your hands, change your tampon and wash your hands again!

Please read instructions carefully that come with your tampons especially about toxic shock syndrome. This is vary rare but can be serious.

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